Chester, Mississauga (2014)

Author: Mock Webware |

“When we decided to remove the carpet on the main floor and stairs leading to the 2nd floor, we considered installing built up wood runners on the existing stairs plywood finish. Yanoush of Heritage Floors convinced us to rebuild the complete stair system instead – for a slight premium in costs, we are pleased that he did. The finished product speaks for itself – with the quality carpentry and stain finish, one would swear the upgraded stair system was part of the original construction instead of a built up system. We are extremely pleased with the elegant stairs and matching stain on the new flooring – well worth the effort. Yanoush is meticulous in the carpentry detail (curved stairs) and tricky floor joints. He was always conscious about keeping the place clean during the construction. Our home looks like new again. A simple way to describe Yanoush of Heritage – a Craftsman.”