Closet & Storage Solutions review in Hamilton

Author: Mock Webware |

We received 4 quotes for this project. Janusz from Heritage Floors quote was the second highest in terms on cost, however we went with his based on the detail in his quote, expectation of work was well laid out, no hidden extra add on costs and explanation of his procedure. The project ended up taking twice as long as I had expected (2 weeks in total) but his meticulous installation was worth it. He did exactly the technique/procedure as discussed which took much longer as he works alone. The floors look outstanding and we are very pleased with the end result. My only regret was having the wood cutting done in the house due to temperatures being too cold to cut outside and the 2 flights of stairs which was a non-negotiable with Janusz. Reluctantly I agreed but instantly regretted as the wood dust was tracked throughout the entire house and regardless of how hard we tried to contain the fine wood dust, it was on every single surface of the house on every floor and we are still cleaning weeks after the fact. Perhaps if no other option but cutting inside your home, I would recommend waiting for appropriate weather for cutting outside to tackle this type of project. I would recommend Janusz and his services as he did a fantastic job. Be clear about your expectations about how you want the job done, he is open to communication and meeting the clients expectations.

Approx. 800 Sq Feet. Entire Second Floor Which Includes 3 Bedrooms, 3 Closets, Hallway And Linen Closet. Installation Of 6